Tony Kinniksie got his first caribou at age 10 while on the land west of Arviat with his father, Simon Inguayuk. He and his father would often go out hunting and fishing for a week at a time, living in either an igloo or caribou tent, depending on the season.

Several years later, Tony attended school in Rankin Inlet and then at age 15, his family moved to Whale Cove. There, Tony hunted and trapped with his own dog team but three years later bought his first snow mobile. When I asked if this was a step up, he replied, “Not really. It costs a lot and requires gas and oil. Plus it breaks down which can be dangerous if you are out on the land.”

In 1967 he moved back to Arviat where he married Cecelia. They raised 6 children of their own and adopted one child. Tony eventually purchased a boat so he could fish for char and hunt seal and beluga on Hudson Bay. Now that Tony is older he prefers to remain on land and hunt caribou. Tony can always be spotted wearing his muskrat hat. “It is really warm. I wear it much of the year.” Tony Kinniksie passed away in October, 2008, at age 62.

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Tony Kinniksie
Inuit, Arviat
Image size: 11 x 14 inches
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