Titi was born on Christmas day in 1936 at a fishing lake near Rankin Inlet. A short time later both parents died of sickness at a camp not far from Chesterfield Inlet. For several years afterwards Titi was raised by the Grey Nuns in Chesterfield Inlet.

When still a young boy, Titi travelled by ship to Coral Harbour where he began living with his stepmother, Felicity, and stepfather, Uluyoot. Five years later during spring, the family was living in a camp when Uluyoot passed away. His step-mother was blind so they moved back to Coral Harbour.

In 1950 during the summer Titi and his step-mother traveled by ship to Chesterfield Inlet. His stepmother would stay in the hospital run by an Anglican Father but Titi, who was not Anglican, could not remain with his stepmother. Instead, he lived with his sister, Pauline Kolit and attended the local Residential School until he was 16 years old. After working for almost a decade in several mines in the north Titi returned to Rankin Inlet and served as Willie Adamsí assistant for 5 years. Adams went on to become a Senator

Titi has been mayor of Chesterfield Inlet for two terms. In 2002 he retired from his position in Public Works. Titi is a gregarious individual who is often seen on his ATV visiting his many friends in the community.

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Titi Kadluk
Inuit, Chesterfield Inlet
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
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