Thomas was born in 1929 near Aberdeen Lake which is located west of Baker Lake. His father, David Tuluktuq taught Thomas how to hunt. “In the summer we would use the dogs to carry supplies on their backs and in winter we used 7 to 10 dogs in a dog team.” Thomas recalled that he was very young when he caught his first caribou. “I was so small and the rifle so big I had to position the stock under my arm and rest the barrel on a rock before I fired.”

In 1950 Thomas married Mary in Baker Lake. During this time his family survived by Thomas catching a few caribou plus trapping fox at Aberdeen Lake and bringing them to the Hudson Bay post at Baker Lake to trade.

While on the land Thomas saw and caught numerous bear. In the early sixties Thomas worked as a guide for hunters who wished to hunt for wolf, fox, caribou and bear. In 1975 he began employment in Baker Lake and decided to settle permanently. Soon after Thomas began working for the local Hamlet and continued for the next 20 years.

Whenever Thomas goes on the land he brings a canvas tent. Thomas had 5 sisters and 2 brothers; all have passed away, several as a result of sickness. Thomas Qiqimat is now the last of the Tipjalik tribe.

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Thomas Qaqimat
Inuit, Baker Lake
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