Theresa was born in September, 1942, in the Wager Bay region, which lies approximately 50 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Her family lived a typical nomadic hunter/gather lifestyle while she was growing up. Theresa remembered her family struggling several times in the summer months to survive. Her father sometimes had to walk long distances while hunting caribou.

Her mother, Alice Taggalik, taught Theresa many skills such as how to prepare hides and sew traditional Inuit clothing. From her father, Donat Kreelak, she learned how to be a good person and to persevere when difficulties arise.

Years later her family moved to Rankin Inlet where in 1958 Theresa married Eli Kimmaliardjuk. They raised 6 children, 1 whom was adopted. Theresa, in her early 20ís, was hunting with her husband between Chesterfield Inlet and Baker Lake when she got her first caribou. Although the couple separated for a period, Theresa moved to Chesterfield Inlet to be with Eli.

Theresa was the oldest sibling of her large family and many of her sisters currently live in the community. She enjoyed fishing inland for trout with her nephew and once in a while could be found on the Hudson Bay. Theresa passed away November, 2009, at age 67.

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Theresa Kimmaliardjuk
Inuit, Chesterfield Inlet
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