When Pierre O' Tennadzahe was born the Dene were still essentially a nomadic people who trapped and hunted the migrating caribou and as such, his exact place of birth is unknown. Somewhere in northern Manitoba near the 60th parallel Pierre was born on October 15th, 1927.

In this harsh environment children grew up quickly. Life continued to be one of travelling, hunting and fishing so that Pierre could help his father support the family. In 1975, Pierre, now with a family of his own, took a trip to Lac Brochet, a settlement approximately 75 kilometers north of Brochet, where many Dene had already moved and set up camp. They traveled by snow mobile, taking all seven children, including the youngest, a baby at the time, and a bundle of blankets. They liked what they saw, decided to stay, and have lived in Lac Brochet ever since.

Pierre who is now in his late 70's can rarely be found at home. He is always out, walking in the community, visiting family and friends. This is how I first met Pierre and when I asked if I might take some photographs he readily agreed. Pierre looked so comfortable with his cap on I didn't ask him to remove it, deciding the shadows would still allow me to capture his features.

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Pierre O' Tennadzahe
Dene, Lac Brochet
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
Edition size: 575