Thomas St. Pierre was born in the most northern wilderness of Manitoba in 1929. Like many Dene, his life was one of hunting and trapping. Thomas lived in Lac Brochet , a community of approximately eight hundred people, located two hundred kilometers north of Lynn Lake. At various times of the year he would be gone for months at a time on his trap line which ranged from Patahow Lake and Kasba Lake in northern Manitoba and into what is now Nunavut territory.

I met Thomas only briefly as my plane was leaving Lac Brochet in 1999. He appeared a man who was a peace with himself. He removed his cap for me and although he was smoking, his manner was so relaxed I took my pictures while he continued to do so. Thomas passed away in August, 2001 just short of his seventy-second birthday. Thomas believed the most important value a person should have is on the care of one's family and friends.

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Thomas St. Pierre
Dene, Lac Brochet
Image size: 10 x 13 inches
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