Alex was born in Rice River in 1922 and grew up into a lifestyle of hunting, fishing and trapping by the time he was 16 years old. He also worked underground and in many drill camps throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Alex and his wife, Mary Jane, rasied their large family in the Metis community of Manitgotogan, located on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg. A well respected member of his community, Alex served for 25 years as President of the Wanipigow Producers Co-op. This important organization enabled the fishermen to get a fair price for their catch.

Alex only began to slow down after he reached 70 years of age. Fishing season could be particularly demanding. Work often began at 5:00am and upon returning at 6:00pm the fish had to be removed from the nets and sorted. The prized fish were kept while the rest taken to mink farms while fresh. The nets had to be repaired which could take till 2:00am the following morning. The fishermen would sleep for a few hours and then start all over again.

Up until his retirement at 75, Alex worked as a camp attendant for the Department of Natural Resources. He was known for his friendliness, wry sense of humor and encyclopedic knowledge of the outdoors. Alex maintained his indomitable spirit up until he passed away in August, 1999. His hard work and determination fostered a legacy for future generations of the Metis people.

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Alex Simard
Metis, Manigotogan
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