Amarok, which means, 'wolf,' in Inuktituk was born in 1924 in the Back River country of Nunavut. The Inuit from this area are called, Ukkuhiksalingmiut, the Soapstone People.

At the young age of three, Amarok, got his first caribou using a .22 caliber rifle. "I held the rifle stock under my arm to fire because I was too small to hold the rifle butt against my shoulder."

In April, 1944, Amarok was baptized, Samson, by the Anglican Church. Samson began to acquire dogs so eventually he would have his own team to help him in the hunt. In 1955 Samson married 15 year old, Elizabeth Arnagarniq. Several years later a famine occurred in the Back River country. The migrating caribou, the staple food of the Inuit who lived inland, did not arrive that year and fish, too, were scarce. In 1959 the authorities found the couple and took them by plane to Baker Lake. Samson was not at all happy with the forced move. "I was leaving an area where I knew there was lots of game. I had been to Baker Lake before and knew there were a lot less resources there."

In 1968 the Quinangnaq family did move to Baker Lake. Every year Samson visits his cabin where he can hunt and fish. "We go at the end of April by boat and stay till August when school starts. We come back only for supplies." The pulse of the land will always be close. On May 20th, 2006, Samson Amarok, the man called, 'wolf,' passed away. It is a pleasure to have known him and to tell his story.

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Samson Amarok Quinangnaq
Inuit, Back River
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