Raymond was born in 1941 at Native Point on Southampton Island. He was 10 years old when his father began teaching him to hunt, fish and trap. He learned how to build snow houses and operate a boat safely, all skills Raymond later passed down to his sons.

In 1958 Raymond married Shavekok (nee Nakoolak) in Chesterfield Inlet. Raymond drove the water truck in Coral Harbour for 10 years before he began his lengthy political career. Raymond was elected mayor of Coral Harbour in 1986. He was Vice President of Inuit Tapirisat (I.T.C.) which represented all Inuit in Canada, a position he held for 9 years.

When land claims negotiations began, Raymond realized how significant they were to the future of his people. He witnessed continual culture erosion and thought Inuit must gain more control over their land and resources if this was to be reversed. This concept became a political reality with the formation of Nunavut in 1999.

Raymond worked for Nunavut Tungavik Federation for four years when it changed to N.T.I in 1993, the year the Ningeocheak family relocated to Rankin Inlet. He has served four terms (four years each) as Vice President of Finance. Raymond proudly states that through Boards and Committees, Inuit culture can be kept alive regarding wildlife, education and exploration. Politically it is the only Territory that can change its regulations and policy. Raymond Ningeocheak continues to work tirelessly for the future of Inuit people.

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Raymond Ningeocheak
Inuit, Coral Harbour
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