"When I was nine years old my father made me a stool out of a milk can and then taught me, "Little Brown Jug". I practiced this for years, three to four hours a day. When I got to be pretty good my dad let me play in his band. Growing up there were many excellent players to listen to but now only a few."

Although Roddy spent his days fishing on Lake Winnipeg the nights were dedicated to violin music as he practiced to improve his skills. Eventually Roddy formed his own band which included James (Cheemis) Cowley on guitar. These two were inseparable for over twenty years. Now at 76, Roddy still gets excited when he hears someone is coming over to play backup guitar for him.

With little coaxing, Roddy brought out his violin and began playing on his front step. It was obvious that Roddy's music was an integral part of his character and had to be involved in the drawing. Watching Roddy play on several occasions I sketched how he positioned the bow and violin. Roddy Raven passed away in the summer of 2003. The resulting drawing shows a man who was not only born to play violin but who truly loved to entertain.

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Roderick Raven
Ojibway, Hollow Water
First Nation
Image size: 16.5 x 17 inches
Edition size: 975