“It was very peaceful growing up in a log cabin outside Brochet. The days rolled by while I did my chores. The pace picked up when our extended family came to visit.”

“I left for residential school at age nine, the year my dad passed away. I attended Guy Hill for 7 years before going to Assiniboia High School.” Phil’s voice dropped at the recollection. “Guy Hill was like a jail for little kids. We were punished for anything, sometimes for nothing. I did well at school. School work never bothered me. It was everything else.”

Phil bounced between various construction jobs for several years. He then returned to Brochet and served as chief for much of the 1980’s. “I gained a lot of experience in that position but got burnt out after awhile.”

“Later on I started looking for answers through traditional spirituality. I wanted to make some connection with the Creator.” It took time, but through participation in traditional ceremonies Phil has learned the teachings of his ancestors. Now a spiritual elder, Phil performs healing ceremonies for those having difficulty dealing with the past. “You must ask for help and forgiveness from the Creator and grandfathers. If you do, they will help you."

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Philip Michel
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