Pauline was born December, 1924 near Coral Harbour on the southern shore of Southampton Island. She moved to Chesterfield Inlet when five years old. Pauline did not attend school. When the Federal School did arrive in the community she was too old.

Pauline married Simon Kolit in Chesterfield Inlet several years later. The couple enjoyed hunting and fishing together. The Kolit family moved to Rankin Inlet by snowmobile in the spring of 1963. They brought along one dog they utilized for polar bear alert.

Although Simon was employed in the community he continued to hunt and fish with his dog team. The dogs were effective at smelling seal holes in the ice. For warmth Simon always brought several caribou skins prepared by Pauline when hunting with his dog team.

Pauline prepared skins of caribou and seal for all kinds of clothing for her family. She also sewed dog harnesses. She delighted in making indoor slippers that were sold to the local teachers. Years ago being skilled at sewing was a significant factor to attract a husband. Pauline also thought it important her children learn traditional skills like meat preparation and sewing. Pauline passed away in April, 2011.

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Pauline Kolit
Inuit, Rankin Inlet
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
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