Paul was born Jan 5, 1935 at Tahik Lake, north of Baker Lake. There were too many people to feed at their camp so his mother, Hitviaq, told Paul to go live with his future in-laws in order to survive. It was his future father-in-law, Peter Inuksuk, who taught Paul to hunt.

In the 1950’s, Paul married Hattie Atungak. Their family had 10 biological children but many died in infancy. The couple also adopted three children.

Paul, with his wife and her parents, experienced very difficult times during the famine period. Days would go by with no food and then, miraculously, they would manage to survive on fish for months. Paul, reminisced, “Those were the most trying times of my life and I will never forget.”

Paul and his family moved to Baker Lake in 1970. After the move Paul still lived regularly at various camps. His dogs were trained to hunt and Paul and his family enjoyed traditional food. He said he and his dogs would travel long distances and have no worries. I met Paul by the Prince River, east of Baker Lake, while he was hunting. He stood proudly with rifle in hand, in his black atiqik (parka) for my photographs.

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Paul Atutuvaa
Inuit, Baker Lake
Image size: 13 x 13 inches
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