Nancy was born in 1922 near Chantrey Inlet at a place called Amuyat. This coastal region is home to caribou, seal and, infrequently, polar bear.

Nancy was a young girl when she began living with David Mannik, a skilled hunter. The 1940ís and 50ís was a period when many Inuit experienced famine on the barrenlands. If it was particularly difficult to obtain food the Mannik family would often travel southwest towards the Garry Lake region hoping to encounter caribou. When the caribou remained scarce they continued south towards Baker Lake.

On one such occasion they tried to reach the Roman Catholic mission set up by Father Buliard on an island in the area. Father Buliard was known to give supplies to Inuit who were in need. David had great difficulty keeping up because of his extremely weakened condition. The group did manage to catch some fish during their journey so fought off starvation.

In 1959 the Mannik family decided to remain in Baker Lake. The Mannik family had ten children, of whom five passed away. They adopted one son name, Silas. David passed away in 2007, at age 95, a well respected member of his community.

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Nancy Kanayuk Mannik
Inuit, Baker Lake
Image size: 13 x 13 inches
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