Few individuals enjoy life as much as John Baptiste Moose. Known as John B. in his community, he hunted, fished and trapped for sixty-two years in the wilderness surrounding South Indian Lake. Now 86, this very knowledgeable and friendly fellow gained a reputation as an ambassador for his community located about 125 kilometers northwest of Thompson.

Before the flooding of the early 1970's, South Indian Lake was home to an abundance of fish and wildlife. "In those days there were lots of fishermen and lots of fish. I would have ten nets going at one time. I worked on weekends too; I didn't do much for recreation. I loved to fish. We would catch whitefish, pickerel and jack fish, sometimes up to 1000 pounds on a good day. This could bring in $1400 at the Co-op depending on the price at the fish market. "

"I lived a good life with no complaints because I always enjoyed my work. " It was that attitude that always left a positive impression on the many people who were fortunate to cross the path of John. B. Moose.

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John B. Moose
Cree, South Indian Lake
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