Dora Moneyas lives in a small house on the Hollow Water First Nation located on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg. The native language of this community is Ojibway. About 600 people live on the reserve with the off reserve population being just under 500.

Dora will be 70 years old in the year 2002 and on any given day, spring, summer or fall, can be found sitting on her front porch. Dora's passion is bingo. This game occupies her time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday all year round. I overheard one lady jokingly say that if anyone wants to know about bingo in the community call: 1- 800- DORA. Her favorite memory is of an incident that occurred six years ago when she won $1,000.

A very quiet, modest lady, Dora gave a rare smile when she saw her portrait several months later.

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Dora Moneyas
Ojibway, Hollow Water First Nation

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