Minnie Anderson was born in Waboden to Lillian and Herman Gossfeld in 1939. One of seven children, Minnie quit school at age 14 and for the next five years worked in numerous communities in northern Manitoba.

Minnie began living with Bill Anderson and the couple started a life that centered around the Churchill River. Bill was a top fisherman and trapper in South Indian Lake. As Minnie recalled, “It was a lot of work, plus during the summer we had four hired men to help with the fishing. When fishing was over in the fall, Bill would return to South Indian Lake for one week to collect food supplies and equipment for the trap line. He would be gone from October till Christmas checking his trap line by dog team while I remained at camp.”

In 1982 Bill Anderson passed away suddenly. Seven of her eleven children were under 18 years of age. Her remarkable skill set of living off the land was now of limited use. Minnie and her children moved back to the community of South Indian Lake, now relocated since the hydro flooding. Soon after they settled in Leaf Rapids. Minnie put her excellent work ethic to use finding various means of employment. She worked as a janitor in the local school, did handicrafts for money and cleaned, cooked and assisted in deliveries at the Nursing Station.

Sandra, the oldest daughter, stated proudly, ‘Mom did an amazing job raising us and did it as a single parent. She made sure we were fed, clothed properly and all went through school.” At age 60 Minnie retired with her pension. She is a very respected member of the community.

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Minnie Anderson
Cree, South Indian Lake
Image size: 11 x 15 inches
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