Taliruq was born in Chesterfield Inlet in the early 1900’s. Located on the west coast of Hudson Bay, Inuit from that area were called Quinnirnmiutaq. Her biological, white, father worked for the Hudson Bay Company and because of rules governing its employees was not allowed to marry her Inuit mother.

Taliruq learned from her adopted mother, traditional skills such as sewing parkas, repairing clothes and preparing meat. She was also taught how to hunt from her adopted father. During difficult times when game was not plentiful two adept hunters in the family were more likely to procure food than one.

At age 14 Taliruq was involved in an arranged marriage to Paul Aminaaq from Baker Lake. The Anglican church christened her, ‘Martha.’ Over time their family grew to include six daughters. This sweet, friendly, woman who has lived close to a century has witnessed tremendous changes in the north. That ancient nomadic culture that achieved harmony with nature has for the most part vanished in the face of the onslaught of Western civilization.

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Martha Taliruq
Inuit, Baker Lake
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