Born in 1927, Luke grew up in the Manitoba wilderness around South Indian Lake. "My father taught me how to make floats for my nets and how to attach them. Using a file as a homemade plane, I learned how to make paddles and snowshoes. I guess you could say I got my education in the bush."

I asked Luke how the fishing has been since the hydro dam, built in 1970, flooded his land. Luke's head dropped slightly as he spoke. "Before the flood there were a lot more fish and fishermen. You could catch 300 fish in two nets. Now you can't catch 300 fish in 10 nets." This powerful moment seemed to sum up how life has changed in the community. Luke continued, "It was a great life; I had the freedom to hunt and fish anywhere on this land. I told my children that they must have a good education because they cannot live the life I did anymore. Times have changed."

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Luke T. Moose
Cree, South Indian Lake
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