Louise grew up in a log house near the Saskatchewan River. “Dad was a trapper and fisherman. My mother did housework and tended two large gardens. Everyone worked in those days or they starved.”

Louise married George Mercredi, an employee for Campbell’s store. While the Mercredis raised their six girls and four boys, the dam changed community life. “Many log houses, like my parents, were torn down. We lost our ‘Grand Rapids.’ The pounding water was a comforting sound to the community but after, nothing. We missed it a lot. The biggest thing was the flooding made it hard for people to earn a living fishing and trapping.”

It was a joyful time, however, when oil lamps were no longer necessary and black and white televisions could be watched. “We added other appliances over the years. We were, of course, responsible for an electric bill each month.”

Louise enjoys her twilight years: “My kids are grown up and have all done well, especially Ovide. I don’t stop working ‘til I go to bed. I believe in God. He looks after me.”

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Louise Mercredi
Misipawistik Cree Nation Grand Rapids
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
Edition Size: 275 Lithographs