Louis was born in Coral Harbour in 1936. He is the eldest son of Bernadette Patterk whom I met and drew five years ago.

One year later Louis’ family relocated to Chesterfield Inlet where his father, Joe Patterk, grew up. Joe’s brother, Phillip, began teaching Louis to hunt caribou, trap and fish when Louis was 12 years old. Louis used his uncle’s dog team till 1954 then employed his own team until 1970. At this time, like most Inuit, he purchased his first snow mobile.

In 1954 Louis married Evelyn. They raised ten children, including one that was adopted. Louis told me he learned to speak English from the Principal of the local school where Louis worked for many years.

Louis is a popular member of his community and has worked on the hamlet council for many years. Both he and his son, Paul, currently serve.

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Louis Autut
Inuit, Chesterfield Inlet
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
Edition size: 575