Lillian was born December 10, 1934 in Pauingassi close to the Manitoba/Ontario border. Her mother, Mary Jane Owen passed away when Lillian was quite young. Lillian, the only child, was raised by her maternal grandmother, named ‘Big Knife.’

Lillian spent much of her youth with her grandparents on the trap line during winter. Several families often lived together from late fall to early spring. The women and children remained at their lodging while the men hunted and checked their traps. “We travelled everywhere on foot and by dog team."

Lillian did not attend school but instead had a traditional education in the wilderness. “I learned to snare rabbits and other small animals. My grandmother taught me to prepare animal skins that I used for making moccasins. I also learned to sew, perform beadwork and knit many articles of clothing.”

In 1960, Lillian made the 25 km trip south to visit friends in Little Grand Rapids, on the shore of Family Lake. There, she met Simon Bouchey. The couple married, began living in the community and raised a family of ten, nine of whom are living and all successful.

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Lillian Bouchey
Ojibway, Little Grand Rapids
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
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