Lewis was born in 1936 in Tavani, a Hudson Bay Post, located on the west side of Hudson Bay south of Whale Cove. His mother, Rosie Voisey, was 1/2 Inuit and his father, Peter DuRemple, worked for the Hudson Bay Company. Never meeting his father, Lewis was raised by his mother and her parents.

Lewis moved often as a youngster. He did not attend school so cannot read or write but speaks English and Inuktitut fluently. Lewis spent most of his time on the land, learning from his mother and her brother how to hunt, fish and trap. By age 13, he began trapping alone with his dog team. “My dogs were important for survival. They took me home during storms when I was lost. My trap line would take me 1/2 way to Baker Lake.”

Lewis also has a great love of the sea. “I have been on the sea all my life. I trapped in the winter with my dog team. With no dogs in those days there was no way of surviving. Dogs were not easy to get. I had to raise them and then keep them fed. I did this by getting food, like walrus, from the sea. I began to trap more then because the furs were worth a lot and I could make more money.”

Married in 1959, he and his wife, Annie adopted 3 children. Lewis used his acquired skill as a mechanic to find employment in many communities in the north. In 2001 Rosie passed away. Four years later, Lewis and Mary married; they live in Whale Cove. Lewis is a very friendly individual who possesses a wealth of knowledge about life in the far north. I enjoy visiting and listening of his many exploits on land and sea.

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Lewis Voisey
Inuit, Whale Cove
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