Born in 1941, one of fourteen children, Joseph was almost 12 1\2 pounds at birth. Winston Churchill, who was also a large man, was very popular at the time due to World War II. Joseph acquired the nickname which soon eclipsed his own.

Churchill grew up in the Metis community of Manigotagan which is located a few hundred kilometers north of Winnipeg on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. Churchill's passion is prospecting for gold. On my first visit Churchill realized my knowledge on the subject was limited. He gave me a small quartz rock which contained both gold and fool's gold. After explaining the difference he stated, "Now, Jerry, no one will be able to fool you."

The drawing I pursued reminds me of the hard life Churchill has lived in pursuit of that precious metal and perhaps reflected his thoughts on the same subject.

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Joseph "Churchill" Kirton
Metis, Manigotogan

Image size: 11 x 13 inches
Edition size: 1975