Sata was born in 1945 in the southwest of Baffin Island at Cape Dorset. His family moved to Repulse Bay when he was a young boy. Sata was taught to hunt by his father, Piluardjuk. He commented, "I was out with my father as soon as I could walk long distances." At that time his family lived predominantly in a sod house. He remembered losing many relatives to sickness during that period.

In 1968 Sata married Elizabeth. They have 6 children, still alive, plus 3 whom they adopted. Now Sata employed his own dog team to assist him in the hunt. In 1976 his family moved to Igloolik where a year later Sata purchased his first snowmobile. He gradually phased out his dog team. In 1984 his family moved back to Repulse Bay for the last time.

Sata likes hunting caribou, whale and seal. I photographed him wearing a hat made of ringed seal fur crowned with seal claws. Sata has been on the town council for several years and is a pastor at the Glad Tidings Church. He also guides for hunters who wish to experience the far north. I always enjoy seeing Sata. His solid presence and sense of humor characterizes how I pictured the inhabitants of the far north.

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Sata Kidlapik
Inuit, Repulse Bay
Image size: 11 x 14 inches
Edition size: 575