Evelyn Jebb attended residential school from an early age. At age 18 Evelyn married Ernest Jebb. Their marriage lasted over 60 years; 8 of 14 children survived childhood.

Evelyn credits the residential school for her strong work ethic. “There were times when jobs were hard to come by. During the winter, work was available for the men trapping and hunting but the summer months could be difficult. We also hunted for much of what we needed. We did whatever we could to survive.”

Widely renowned for sewing outstanding traditional Native clothing, Evelyn hardly remembers not making hats, mitts and moccasins. Evelyn proudly displayed some of her handwork to me - exquisite mittens with fine fur and intricate beadwork.

Evelyn raised her family in a manner reflective of her upbringing. Their successes and Evelyn’s Native artisanship are a legacy from a woman who has done much to maintain and promote traditional Cree values in a rapidly changing society.

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Evelyn Jebb
Cree, The Pas
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
Edition size: 575