“My mother, Helen Wood, from Nelson House, married William Colomb, from Pukatawagan. I was born August, 1927 in a teepee on the land where three rivers intersect: Burntwood, Footprint and Rat River. I had seven sisters and five brothers. Our family grew up on the trap line; we drank only fresh water, ate only wild game.”

"My sisters and I learned how to trap and ice fish by following the older people. We had fun constructing snares and making fires. After Dad taught me how to handle dogs, I was soon going alone with my own team. Fifty miles north of Pukatawagan, near Old Man River, I had a trap line."

In 1946, Jane married Thomas Merasty in Pukatawagan. “Soon after we moved to Sandy Bay." Jane continued trapping although no longer in her traditional territory: “I set up a trap line 50 miles outside the community. My mother-in-law, Marie Merasty, looked after my children on weekends while I checked my traps."

After trapping for nearly three decades in Manitoba, Jane checked her line one last time in 1968, before pulling up stakes and settling in Flin Flon. “We moved to this community so our children could get a good education.”

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Jane Colomb
Cree, Pukatawagan
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