“I was born in 1934 near Gjoa Haven, during the coldest time of the year.” (January or February) Jacob’s mother, Taqtutuq, had two husbands, Poilutka, and Talikbahe, when he was born. This was a common Inuit custom before Christianity.

One father taught Jacob how to hunt and fish. When Jacob got his first caribou, he was so small, he was being carried on his father’s back. His father often walked long distances searching for food. They lived in igloos in the winter and caribou tents during the summer.

Jacob had six or seven dog teams over the years. He travelled all around the Baker Lake area hunting. He acquired his first gun, a 30-30 short Winchester rifle, by trading caribou skins and fox furs at the post in Baker Lake.

In August, 1959, Jacob married Martha and the following year they moved into Baker Lake. Martha passed away in the early ‘90’s. In 2000, Jacob married Winnie Tayak. Jacob is a very friendly fellow who enjoys talking about his life. He summed up his life, “Sometimes the times were good. When we had caribou we had fun, relaxed, talked a lot. It was then we had no worries. I went through everything and lived through it all.”

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Jacob Ikiniliq
Inuit, Baker Lake
Image size: 12 x 13 inches
Edition size: 575