Situated on the Arctic Circle, Repulse Bay is the most northern community in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut. Two miles away, in the sub-zero temperature of March, 1943, Honore’ was born. Not long afterwards Honore’ lost both parents to sickness. Raised by his older brother and another relative, they instructed the youngster on how to survive through hunting and fishing.

In 1959 the group moved into Repulse Bay and 9 years later Honore’ married Elizabeth from Wager Bay. They raised 6 children plus 2 who were adopted.

Honore’ often visits his cabin by North Pole River, approximately 8 miles from town. Numerous other cabins have sprung up in the area to take advantage of the excellent fishing. During spring char journey to the ocean then return to spawn upstream in summer. Honore’ now employs a Global Positioning system (GPS) when on land or sea. Even those who have spent a life time in the north sometimes find such technological assistance useful.

A friendly, slightly built fellow, Honore’ has been drum dancing for over 20 years. His performance emanates an energy that eclipses his small stature as he is engulfed by the rhythm of his drum. Inuit drum dancing is unique in that the rim of the drum and not the skin is struck by the stick. The drummer moves sideways in a circular motion and while one hand twists the large drum in an arc, the opposite arm controlling the drum stick flows in similar fashion in the opposite direction. Where the two arcs cross, the stick strikes the drum rim. The grace with which the drummer moves to the sound of the chanting is hypnotic and a delight to witness.

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Honore' Aglukka
Inuit, Repulse Bay
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