Hattie was born in May, 1938, at Aberdeen Lake, west of Baker Lake. There were many times when their family experienced hunger but on one occasion, in the 1940’s, the family was starving. Her brother, Thomas Sevoga, walked to a camp and returned with food. By this time, however, their sister, Annaanuk, had passed away.

In 1954 Hattie left her homeland to marry Moses Akilak from the Back River region in an arranged marriage. Hattie kept running back to her family. Moses had to continually catch her and bring her back to his camp.

The Akilaks had ten children and adopted six more. Hattie found Timothy when he was a child, abandoned in an igloo. Moses’ step-father raised the boy until he passed away, then Hattie and Moses took care of Timothy.

In the late 60’s, the Akilak family moved to Baker Lake. They returned often to the land, especially Moses, who loved to hunt. Moses passed on his love of hunting to Hattie who became quite skilled at drying caribou meat called, ‘nipku.’ Hattie Haqpi, well respected in her community of Baker Lake, passed away in April, 2010.

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Hattie Akilak
Inuit, Baker Lake
Image size: 12 x 13 inches
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