“At age 6, I was living in a prospector tent, trapping with my family at Summerberry Marsh. One season we trapped 375 muskrats.”

Francis struck out on his own at 18. “With my dog team and trap line, I left home. My trapping area was near Cross Lake, all under water now. I used my dog team to check 300 beaver traps. I had a cabin at Buffalo Lake, fifteen miles north."

Grand Rapids Dam, constructed in the 1960’s, had a devastating effect on the trappers up river. The high water levels flooded the land, Cedar Lake, grew enormously. “High waters wiped out my trapping area, the same for every trapper in the region.”

In 2007, Francis Turner was awarded for 55 years in Manitoba’s commercial fishing industry. “At 65, I quit fishing. It was a good life.”

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Francis 'Mistigofer' Turner
Misipawistik Cree Nation (Grand Rapids)
Image size: 21 x 21 inches
Edition Size: 275