In June of 1999 I took the Canadian National train on its southeastward journey from Thompson. After one hour the train turned northeast; thirty minutes later it arrived in the small community (less than one hundred inhabitants) of Pikwitonei or "Pik" as the locals call it.

I stayed for a few days in the home of one of the elders. Much of my time was spent wandering around this very picturesque settlement talking with and photographing the people I met. They were all very friendly and one in particular was Sara Flett.

When I asked to photograph her she hurried home and reappeared with a scarf neatly tied on. Looking through the view finder I was excited by what I saw. Sara bubbled with excitement as I focussed my lense. Sara is in her seventies and was known much of her life for her superb bead work. She and her late husband were a particularly fine couple to see walking in the community.

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Sara Flett
Cree, Pikwitonei
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
Edition size: 575