The Manitoba Metis Federation was still in its infancy in 1994 when Ernie Blais became interim President. Ernie’s leadership was soon on display. “Most people recognize me because of my Supreme Court case.”

The Blais case is a highlight of the historic and modern fight for Metis rights. The case clarified some constitutional issues about the Metis people and has paved the way for later victories in the courts.

In 2015 the Daniels case continues the path blazed by Blais in dealing with the meaning of the Constitution of Canada on the identification of the Metis people and their rights.

When Blais’ landmark Canadian case made the New York Times Sunday edition in 2003, Ernie became a celebrity. But lengthy ordeal took its toll. “It involved 10 years of my life, cost a lot of money and I never got anything from it. I have no regrets, though. Leaders should be at the forefront of things. I was.”

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Ernie Blais
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