Elizabeth was born in the Back River region to Marjorie Mitquhaaq and Titus Talikpasik. There were very few people nearby so she has few memories of her early years. Her happiest memory was sewing her first pair of kamiks, a skill she learned from her mother. Her parents passed away early in her life, before she learned to cut up meat. This important skill was learned from others.

In 1955, Elizabeth married Amarok Quinangnaq. That same year, a famine assailed the region. There were few caribou, the staple food of the inland Inuit. Amarok was leader of a camp that consisted of several families.

By 1960, the authorities were strongly encouraging all Inuit to move into communities. Independent, skilled hunters like Amarok rebelled. "We were flown to the community of Baker Lake."

The Quinangnaq family had thirteen children; seven still reside in Baker Lake. The family cabin, accessible by boat, has an adequate amount of game nearby. Amarok passed away in 2006. Elizabeth remains active. She enjoys fishing, making pipsi (dried fish) and hunting caribou.

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Elizabeth Tululik Quinangnaq
Inuit, Baker Lake
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