Elizabeth was born at a time when hospital births were rare; her mother didn’t even have the luxury of a mid-wife. “That spring my mom and dad were travelling by dog sled to Sachigo Lake. When my time was imminent, my dad, Benjamin Crowe, pulled the team closer to shore and built a lean-to for my mother.

"My grandfather, D’arcy, said to us, ‘I want you to remember. The finest heritage you have is your Indian heritage -- and don’t forget your language, -- no matter where you are.’”

Elizabeth lost her Treaty status when she married Charles Isbister. Her political career began to grow after the couple moved to Norway House. Elizabeth was one of six founding members of the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF), a non- profit organization which would have a profound effect on the lives of Metis.

Elizabeth Isbister retired after almost four decades of tireless effort to advance the issues of Metis people.

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Elizabeth Isbister
Cree, Norway House
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