Donat was born in September, 1942 by the coastal region of Lyon Inlet. When 2 months old Donat was adopted out to Rosa Arnarudluk and Michel Katokak.

As the family moved from camp to camp, following the migrating caribou, Donat was taught how to hunt, fish and trap. When Donat was 10 years old, Katokak, passed away. Rosa married a fellow from Pelly Bay then packed up her family and moved to this northern coastal community.

At age 12 Donat attended the Residential School in Chesterfield Inlet for 2 years where he learned English. In 1962 he moved to Repulse Bay and one year later he married Martha. Donat enjoys fishing during the winter and caught over 6000 pounds of Arctic Char in 2008. He also enjoys hunting seals on the ice in the spring. In Inuit tradition Donat has passed his skills on to his sons.

Donat is very concerned that the children of his community learn traditional methods of survival. He believes they will be healthier with less reliance on store bought food and busy themselves in a constructive manner. Donat has been active on the town council for 9 years and has been Mayor of Repulse Bay several times. As such he is in a position to make his ideas a reality.

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Donat Milortuk
Inuit, Repulse Bay
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