Although born in Cumberland House, Saskatchewan, Angus considers Barrier his home. It was there that he was raised by his grandfather, William Pelly, who taught him how to live off the land through hunting, fishing and trapping. Working also at times as a logger this lifestyle appealed to Angus. For years he would be seen traveling back and forth from Barrier to The Pas on his horse, Red. Angus eventually moved to The Pas where he has lived for the latter part of his sixty-eight years.

Angus married early in life but the relationship didn't last and there were no children. Angus is often seen on the streets of The Pas where he is known for his wit and humor. Angus uses this gift to provoke laughter and it is especially appreciated when used to diffuse a tense situation.

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Angus Cook
Cree, The Pas
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
Edition size: 975