Wager Bay lies slightly south of the Arctic Circle and extends 200 km. westward from Hudson Bay opposite huge Southampton Island. In 1940 Cecile was born in this region of what is now Nunavut. The area of her birth is so rich with wildlife and in such a pristine state, it and the surrounding watershed it has become Canada’s newest National Park, Ukkusiksalik.

Cecile’s parents, Agnes and Phillip Hakuluk, decided to move south to the small, coastal community of Whale Cove when she was 5 years old. In Whale Cove her family grew, numbering five brothers and two sisters.

Cecile married Ipviksaq and began to raise a family of her own. In the final tally of nine, three were adopted. Seven currently live in Whale Cove. Although Cecile hunted and fished when younger, tendonitis in her shoulders now prevents her from doing so. She still enjoys sewing especially for her grandchildren.

Cecile radiates a warmth that is preceded by her captivating smile. She spends hours working with children in the local school but finds time to visit her many relatives living in Chesterfield Inlet.

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Cecile Ekwalak
Inuit, Whale Cove
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
Edition size: 575