Alex Brightnose is one of the most recognizable individuals in northern Manitoba. This big, gregarious man's feats and stories are what legends are made of. "Alexsan" as he is known to his friends was born July 1st. 1924. Although he had worked for the Midwest Diamond Drilling Company for thirty-seven years this period of his life meant little to him. Alex much prefers to talk about flour packing.

During the 70's Alex was the champion six years in a row in contests held in northern Manitoba. His greatest carry was 975 pounds. Even today Alex rarely misses an appearance at a festival or celebration whether summer or winter in the northern part of the province.

Alex is also renown for his colorful anecdotes. He loves to entertain friends and strangers alike with exploits of incredible feats of strength and courage with Alex as the main character. I have seen first hand how convincing Alex can be when he tells these amazing tales.

With a lifestyle that has always kept him on the move Alex didn't ever have time to marry. He has had his share of tough times but his zest for living has always enabled him to come through usually more entertaining than ever. Alex passed away early in 2008 at 83 years of age.

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Alex Brightnose
Cree, Split Lake First Nation

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