Annie Spence, one of 23 children, was born in 1916, north of South Indian Lake. Her mother, legendary Annie Moose, lived to be 113 years of age.

At 8 years of age Annie travelled to Waboden, then Cross Lake by canoe to attend Residential School. When it burned down five years later she continued her education at Sturgeon Landing. In 1942 Annie married Phillip Spence and the couple had 9 children.

Annie recalled the effect of the hydroelectric dam development in the early ‘70s. “Life was very different before the flooding. Then there were many fish but afterwards they became very difficult to catch. It was the same with trapping. The rising water affected the trap lines around the lake. There were many more animals before the flooding.”

Annie loves being on the land and still jigs for fish. She attributes her long and healthy life to keeping busy. ‘I keep moving... doing things. I don’t drink and quit smoking years ago.’ Annie began sewing at an early age and now, in her nineties, her work is still of a very high caliber. Annie Spence is the last daughter of the famous centenarian, Annie Moose.

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Annie Spence
Cree, South Indian Lake
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