Andy Young was born in the bustling community of The Pas, April 22, 1946 to Angelique and Fred Jr. Young. Andy, the youngest in the family, was two years old when his mother passed away. His grandmother, Catherine Paul, took over the care of Andy, his brother and sister. When Catherine passed on, Lillian and Joseph Head raised the three youths.

Andy married Victoria Pelly in 1970 and the couple had two daughters. Andy worked as a labourer for Tolko Industries, the CN Extra gang, and at various hydro projects throughout northern Manitoba. Andy returned to The Pas and did odd jobs for people in town.

Everyone knew Andy and respected the simple life he led. Every winter a few plates of food would arrive anonymously at his small home. It was in rough condition but a place to go to each night. Andy was used to a life with few comforts. It was a particularly cold, winter day when Andy, dressed for the season, stood briefly for my photographs. Andy’s reputation for shyness around strangers was evident.

Andy enjoyed hunting ducks and being on the trap line with long time friend, Edwin Jebb. He was quite adapted to life in town, however, and was well liked in The Pas. Andy Young passed away during March, 2012 at age 65.

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Andrew Young
Opaskwayak Cree Nation, The Pas
Image size: 13 x 14 inches
Edition size: 175