Anthony was born at the RCMP post at Cape Fullerton in January, 1949. Cape Fullerton is located 100km northeast of the coastal community of Chesterfield Inlet. Anthony’s parents were living at the post at the time, hunting and trapping. The family moved to Chesterfield Inlet when Tony was still very young. In 1969 he completed school and began doing casual carpentry work.

In 1970 Tony married Bernadette and began raising a family. They relocated to Rankin Inlet in the 1980’s so Tony could work as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Tony still found time to go on the land with his sons or fish with Bernadette. In 1997 Bernadette passed away and a year later Tony returned to Chesterfield Inlet.

Tony recalled, “It was nice having someone to perform the cooking and, of course, I miss the companionship. My children have all grown up and moved away. I now live alone and maintain a simple life.” Regarding opportunities accorded those living in Chesterfield Inlet, Tony added, “I have never had any bad experiences on the land. I can go anywhere to fish and hunt.”

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Anthony Amauyak
Inuit, Chesterfield Inlet
Image size: 11 x 13 inches
Edition size: 375