Below are some of the portraits in the collection.
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(c) Drawing available in art card format
Bella Beardy (c) William Cochrane (c) James "Cheemis" Cowley (c) Joseph "Churchill" Kirton (c) Evelyn Jebb (c)
Donald Northwest (c) Lottie Moore (c) John B. Moose (c) Luke Moose (c)
Roderick Raven (c) Edna Moose (c) Dora Moneyas (c) Alex Boulette Percy Laubmann
Alex Brightnose Angus Cook Anna McLeod Harriet Redhead
Charles Learjaw (c) Frank Moneyas (c) Sammy Yassie (c)
John Beardy Thomas St. Pierre Esther Linklater (c)
Helen Jane Ross Robert Baker Joseph Keeper
Jake Fortin Oscar Anderson John Colomb
Annie Crait Adele Thomas Absalom Cook
Betsy Flett Wellington Spence Buddy Brass
Dan Highway Andrew Young Jack Robinson
Nicholas Halcrow Stella Neff Madeleine Spence
Murray McKenzie Jerry Woods Francis 'Mistigofer' Turner
Winston Wuttunee Percy Houle William Dumas
Curtis 'Shingoose' Jonnie Gerald McKay Duncan Mercredi
Jim Bear Ernie Blais Mary Courchene

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